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See you next year!
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First day (August, 17th)
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About festival

The international fireworks festival ROSTEC is the largest international festival of pyrotechnical art that will take place 17-18 August 2019 in Brateevsky park, Moscow. This year the festival is dedicated to the theatre.

The leading pyro teams from all over the world gather together to surprise our spectators and to compete against each other.

Especially for the festival we will create a mascot -the fairy tale Dragon “Zmey Gorynich”.

There will be an impressive daytime program including music concerts, sport activities, quests, lectures, market, food court is awaiting for our guests.


14:00 - 20:00
Sport and creative activities, quests, lectures, market, food court
18:30 - 20:30
Best musicians on the unique stage of the festival
21:00 - 22:45
8 world's best pyroteams prepare their displays according to the contest terms and conditions and compete with each other. Unforgettable light and laser show between the pyromusic performances.
21:00 - 22:45



8 teams prepare fireworks display shows according to the topic of competition:
Fireworks show using the colors of the national flag and to the national music
Fireworks display show to the topic "All world is a stage" and to the music from popular all across the world opera, ballet and musical compositions.
Four countries perform on Saturday, other four countries perform on Sunday. After that the judges award 1st, 2nd and 3rd places. Since 2017 teams are able to get audience choice award.

The judges will evaluate composition integrity, synchrony of shots and background music, tempo-rhythm, pyrotechnic know-how, compliance of the show with the designated technical specifications (timing and caliber shells).
18:30 - 20:30
17th of August
18:30 - 19:30
19:30 -20:30
18th August
18:30 - 19:30
19:30 -20:30
14:00 - 20:00
Sport and creative activities,
quests and games for the whole family
Sports activities
Climbing Wall
A large and safe climbing area will be open to our guests! It is not only a complex training of the body, but also the development of visual memory, spatial thinking and gambling.
Fitness training in the format of a dance party under Latin American and world hits. Dance, repeating simple movements after the instructor and get a lot of positive emotions.
Obstacle Course
A huge inflatable obstacle course is a dream of any adult and child!
Anti-gravity Yoga
Anti-gravity Yoga class is the most modern and effective method of body development. And also... It is not every day that you can hang upside down in the center of Moscow park. ;) Open air master-classes of yoga workshops from the network of Yogaplatforma studios!
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Unforgettable journey in a huge transparent zorb ball on water!
Mini Golf
This is just what you need to escape from the accumulated stress of everyday life! You can have a good time with the whole family playing and relax!
Competitions, basketball freestyle, performances from the "The territory of the ball". Basketball station with mobile poles and an automatic dr.Dish ball machine.
For those who have good vestibule apparatus!
Activities for children
Little Train
A cheerful Little Train will take you along an exciting route, and you can look into the most secluded places of the park!
"Masterslavl" Area
Here you can try yourself in a variety of professions! You will learn how to do professional make up, perform tricks, make a poster and also will leran what it's like to be an archeologist and astronomer!
Free "nerfing" for kids from Arena Reality
Several open nerf-games for the guests of our festival on the specially prepeared area with professional instructors and with newest Nerf equipment.
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Run Bikes
Prepare your child for riding a two-wheeled bicycle, develop a sense of balance and coordination, and also give him a lot of positive emotions in Run Bikes are!
"Eralash" studio Area
The little guests of the festival will have a great opportunity to try their hand at the very present casting from the Yeralash studio, as well as to make an aqua make-up and participate in the prize draw.
Games, contests, workshops, face painting for children of all ages!
Japanese Masques
In the framework of the master class, the participants will get acquainted with the history and peculiarities of the Japanese theater No, its traditions and memorable masks, as well as create figure masks, inflict traditional decor on them and, of course, take it home!
Japanese portable street theatre
The performance is drawn on a long sheet of paper and is wound like a filmstrip. Participants create the very frame of the theater with wings, decorate it, come up with a performance and draw it. And after finishing it, making a performance.

Puppet theatre
Participants will create their own "theatre on the table", mini-scenery and actors for their performance, learn the secrets and lifehacks of masters.
Hairdressing workshop
Participants will get acquainted with the main stages of the process of making wigs, mustaches made of paper and other materials.

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Table games
For all fans of board games, for those who prefer to spend time with fun and with benefits and, of course, for fans of live communication at the festival there will be a recreation area with board games from the largest Russian publishing house Hobby World
"Bar division" Quiz
Quiz in the open air, what could be better! And again, an intellectual team quiz at the fireworks festival. The quiz bar division will delight guests of the festival with interesting topics and good mood!

21:00 - 22:45
Pyrotechnic and multimedia art. Non-standard technical solutions.
30-meter towers equipped with powerful lighting and unique pyrotechnic equipment! Incredible pyrotechnic effects and figures that you have never seen before!
Amazing light show with lightning devices for open spaces of new generation!
Huge projection screens on the surface of the water in front of the spectator stand. And this is only the part of what will make you watch the show in one breath!
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Dear colleagues!

There will be a press office on the venue.
We will be pleased to see you amongst our guests.
If you have any questions:

Download the press-release of the festival

Address: Brateevsky park, Borisovskiye prudi street, 31

We will post information about the routes and shattles closer to the dates of the festival. Stay tuned!
Rules of the festival
  • The entry to the Festival is allowed only after showing a ticket, invitation or other form of admission pass to the festival.
  • Children under 7 are allowed to enter the Festival for free (accompanied by adults with tickets but without guarateed seats on a tribune.
  • After showing ticket you will be given special bracelets. In the absence of any other grounds for denial of access, you are allowed to enter/exit the entertainment area. We draw your attention to the fact that all entrants are subject to pat down and bag search upon entering the entertainment area.
  • Losing your ticket (bracelet) will lead to automatic prohibition of admission to the territory of the Festival. Be attentive with bracelets! In order to get a new bracelet, you will need to purchase a ticket again.
  • If you find a lost item, please take it to Lost&Found office so its owner can pick it up. You can also apply there if you lost things or documents on the festival area.
  • If you have any questions, you can turn to the organizers of the Festival, volunteers or security staff.
  • While on the Festival area, all visitors must strictly observe all legal requirements of law enforcement officers and security services of the Festival.
We ask you:
  • Do not leave children unattended.
  • Observe the public order and generally accepted norms of behavior, behave respectfully towards other visitors and participants of the Festival, as well as persons responsible for the observance of order.
  • Avoid activities that may cause danger to others.
  • To keep cleanliness in the territory and throw garbage only in special containers.
You are not allowed to:
  • Bring to the Festival area large bags (large bundles, suitcases and other items that may interfere with other participants, as well as with the safe conduct of the event.
  • Bring to the Festival area stabbing and cutting objects, gas and pepper spray cans, firecrackers and any other flammable substances, any kind of weapons and means of self-defense.
  • Bring to the Festival area food products (except baby food), alcoholic beverages, beer, any other drinks (except special children's drinking water in closed packages) and products in glass and metal containers to the Festival territory.
  • Be on the territory of the Festival on bicycles, rollers, scooters, etc.
  • Drink alcoholic beverages, be on the territory of the Festival in a state of alcohol and / or narcotic intoxication
  • Smoke in places not provided for this purpose.
  • Climb on fences, parapets, lighting devices, trees, load-bearing structures; damage equipment and elements of decoration of structures, green spaces, etc.
  • Interfere with the work of any equipment, stage structures and personnel on the territory of the Festival.
  • Pass the territory closed to visitors (office space, indoor premises, etc.).
  • Bring any pets to the Festival area.
  • Bring metal tripods for filming. The entrance with plastic tripods is permitted.
  • Please note that in case of violation of the rules, you may be denied access to the territory of the festival.
Person violating the rules will be removed from the territory without compensation for the ticket price.

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