I am satisfied with the participants' level of preparation. Each of them showed its national colors and real skills. We evaluated the integrity of the composition, the synchronicity of the volleys and musical background, pyrotechnic know-how and the correspondence of the display to the specified technical parameters. This year, for the first time, a system of open voting by the jury was introduced, and this, of course, added sharpness to the competition. We hope that the audience received unforgettable impressions!
Xavier Galan
Fire Event
The team from Hohenems city, the winner of the Monaco International festival 2009, the participant of the International festival of pytotechnical Art in French Alps, prestigious pyromusical show at the Luxembourg national Day, the Austrian outstanding electronic music Lake Festival 2016.
Pyroat Fireworks
The team from Erevan, the organizer of the greatest national events and pyrotechnical shows, dedicated to the Independence Day, the Victory Day, The National Holiday etc.
Pyro Events
The team from Brashov city, the organizer of more than 1100 pyroshows and special effects. The regular participant of the Malta International festival. The winner of Pyronale 2016 World Cup. Pyro Events works with Armin Van Buuren, David Guetta and Enrique Iglesias.
Wakino Art Factory
The team from Kitakyushu city, where the biggest Japan firework festival is held. Wakino Art Factory is working on the new concept fireworks. The participant and winner of the International pyromusical festival in Shanghai, Hanabi World Cup and many other national and regional firework art championships.
Vision show group
The team from Florianopolis, the representative of the biggest pyroshow company in Brasil. They worked on such the projects as the Opening ceremonies of Rock in Rio festival, lighting of a floating Christmas tree in Rio de Janeiro, New Year in Florianopolis, fireworks in Hopi-Hari park in San Paolo
Sunjin Fireworks Co
The team from Liuyang city, where the Chineese firework was invented. The representative of the biggest Chineese firework production company. They worked on such the projects as the pyroshow in honor of the New millennium in Beijing, pyrotechnical shows at opening and closing of the Summer Universiade 2011, at the most important national sport contests in China. The regular participants of the International Firework Contests.
Pyrotecnical Yards of St.Petersburg
The team from St.Petersburg, the participant and the winner of All-Russian and international fireworks festivals in Germany, Austria, Portugal, Finland etc. The performer of the fireworks in honor of the 850th Anniversary of Moscow, 300th Anniversary of St. Petersburg, 750th Anniversary of Kaliningrad, 1000th Anniversary of Kazan and other outstanding events.

The team from Samobor city, the leader in organization of pyrotechnical shows and cinema special effects staging at Balcans. The regular participant of the International fireworks festivals in Germany, Italy, Great Britain and Russia. They have performed more than 5000 pyroshows and special effects, including shows for Rolling Stones, Metallica and David Bowie and also for the films by Steven Spielberg
Eight teams will compete against each other with a 9-minute firework display, including 3 pyrosets choreographed to music.
Four countries will perform on Saturday, four countries on Sunday. Referees will award 1st, 2nd and 3rd places. This year teams will be able to get audience award too.

Referees will evaluate composition integrity, synchrony of shots and background music, tempo-rhythm, pyrotechnic know-how, compliance of the show with the designated technical specifications (timing and caliber shells).

Victory in International Fireworks Festival ROSTEC indicates the highest mastership in the sphere of pyrotechnical arts.
Entertainment program in the park
Seven Cups on Seven hills
Jet sport Cup

On-water demonstrations and displays by professionals, watercraft racing, freestyle. More than 80 participants!
Balance bike cup for toddlers
Balance biking race for kids aged 1 to 4 years.
Poetry slam cup

A competition of poets judged by the audience.
Each poem gets a score.
Intellectual Cup

Your team, some knowledge and
a sence of humour,
our questions, prizes and good mood!
Free jazz
8 outstanding jazz-bands struggle
for the cup. The winner is chosen
by the audience
Street ball cup
Professionals and amateurs compete for the prize in different challenging game modes!
"Tomorrow stars" cup
Contest of the youngest and most ambitious groups, chosen and invited to take part in our cup by the famous producer. All the participants are younger than 25. The winners perform on the main stage before the HLTs!
Family activities
Artisan market
Workshops inspired
by the names of Moscow streets: carpentry, tawery, book-printing etc
Literature corner
Book market, author presentations, book-signing
Literature readings of the short stories by modern authors
Plein Air Painting
To feel yourself a real artist under the guidance of experienced painters.
Robots show
Old Russian robot Yuri Dolgorukiy, friendly robots named Borises, music show by robo-trio "Clock-work gear wheels"
Simply the Space
Space installations, the latest trends of space fashion and design, mobile simulator of ship docking with ISS.
More than 30 popular table games outdoors.
Multimedia exhibition "Moscow Sight through time"
Co-project with the Tretyakov Gallery: famous paintings of Moscow come to life at the multimedia exhibition
Fitness activities
A zone for the most active ones! Gymnastics, yoga with experienced instructors, volleyball, frisbee, badminton
School of the Ball
Experienced trainers will help everyone aged from 3 to 14 years to do one's first steps in football playing: ball keeping skills, training with the ball, short games! Best of the best will get prizes!
Panda park
Activities to feel yourslf a real panda-bear.
Sport contests, trampoline, photo zone.
Historic foodcourt
Different dishes of Russian and foreign cuisines. Special zone
of famous Moscow restaurants
and cafés.
Cafés for kids
Healthy food for our little guests
Cafés near the pond
Moscow cafés, cafeterias, tea- and donuthouses
Kebab corner
Foodcourt for those who are very hungry and want to have a meal
Historic foodcourt
Cafés for kids
Cafés near the pond
Kebab corner
Festival's theme & art objects
This year the theme of the festival is "Moscow on 7 hills"
7 young and ambitious architects created 7 unique art objects,
that tell about the history of Moscow
команда из города Хоэнэмс, победитель международного фестиваля фейерверков в Монако 2009, участник международного фестиваля пиротехнического искусства во Французских Альпах, престижного музыкально-пиротехнического шоу на национальном празднике Люксембурга, австрийского фестиваля электронной музыки Lake Festival 2016
Шарм Холдинг и Pyroat Fireworks (совместное выступление)
Шарм Холдинг - команда из Еревана, организатор самых крупных праздничных мероприятий и пиротехнических шоу национального масштаба, посвященных Дню независимости, Дню Победы, Дню Армении и многих других.
Pyro Events
команда из города Брашов, организатор более 1100 пиротехнических шоу и спецэффектов. Регулярный участник Мальтийского международного фестиваля фейерверков. Обладатель главного приза Чемпионата Мира по фейерверкам Pyronale 2016. Сотрудничает с такими звездами, как Армин ван Бюрен, Дэвид Гетта и Энрике Иглесиас.
Wakino Art Factory
команда из города Китакюсю, где проводится самый большой в Японии фестиваль фейерверков. Разработчик фейерверков нового поколения, участник и победитель международного музыкально-пиротехнического фестиваля в Шанхае, чемпионата мира по фейерверкам в Hanabi и других крупных региональных и национальных чемпионатов по фейерверочному искусству.
Vision show group
команда из Флорианополиса, представитель компании-организатора крупнейших пиротехнических шоу в Бразилии. Среди их работ - фейерверки по случаю церемоний открытия серии рок-фестивалей Rock in Rio, праздника зажжения рождественской ёлки в Рио-де-Жанейро, Нового года во Флорианополисе, пиротехнические шоу в парке аттракционов Хопи Хари в Сан-Паулу.
Sunjin Fireworks Co
команда из китайского города Люянь - родины китайского фейерверка, представитель крупнейшей компании-производителя фейерверков в Китае. Среди их проектов - фейерверк по случаю Нового тысячелетия в Пекине, открытие и закрытие Летней Универсиады 2011, крупнейших национальных спортивных соревнований в Китае. Участники самых крупных международных чемпионатов по фейерверкам
Пиротехнические дворы Петергофа
команда из Санкт-Петербурга, участник и победитель всероссийских и международных фестивалей фейерверков в Германии, Австрии, Португалии, Финляндии и многих других. Организатор фейерверка по случаю 850-летия г.Москвы, 300-летия г.Санкт-Петербурга, 750-летия г.Калининграда, 1000-летия г.Казани и прочих крупных мероприятий
команда из города Самобор - лидер в организации пиротехнических шоу и постановке кинематографических спецэффектов на Балканах. Постоянный участник международных фестивалей фейерверков в Германии, Италии, Англии и России. В арсенале компании - более 5000 пиротехнических шоу и спецэффектов, в том числе для выступлений группы Rolling Stones, Metallica и Дэвида Боуи, а также для фильмов Стивена Спилберга.
Экономьте при покупке билетов до фестиваля!
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